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Japan -> Hiroshima -> Peace Memorial Park
Peace Memorial Park    Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture

Peace Memorial Park sits between the Motoyasu and Ota Rivers and was built in 1960. The park has several monuments including the Children's Peace Monument which is surrounded by thousands of paper cranes, the Centograph which contains names of all of those who died in the bombing, and the Flame of Peace which will not be extinguished until the last nuclear weapon is destroyed. At the center of the park is the Peace Memorial Museum, emotional and controversial, it shows graphic pictures of the bombing and city but most would claim that its retelling of history is not 100% accurate. The most recognizable part of the park is the A-Bomb Dome, once the Industry Promotion Hall, it now stands as the only thing that survived the atomic blast. The building was at ground zero for the bombing and is now preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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