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Osaka is Japan's third largest city and its 30,000 factories produce about ¼ of the country's industrial output. Non-Osakans claim that the traditional greeting between Osaka's shrewd businesspeople is "Mokarimakka?", "Making any money?" This is fitting as Osaka's GNP, if it were a country, would make it the 10th most prosperous nation in the world. Emperor Nintoku decided to use Osaka as a port in the 4th century. The merchant city reached prominence in 1586 when ToyotomiHideyoshi built the Osaka Castle and encouraged outside traders to settle in the city. The 1920s and 30s saw Osaka boom as an industrial powerhouse and the creation of many of Japan's great corporations. With the support from merchant princes, Osaka's arts thrived and is now the national center for the unique Bunraku puppetry. Unfortunately all of Osaka's historical remnants were destroyed during World War II bombing, except for Osaka Castle, which was already a reproduction. Today, however, the city is a booming modern metropolis with futuristic homes, postmodern architecture, fashion districts, over-the-top nightlife, and delectable eats.

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