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Japan -> Miyajima
Hiroshima Prefecture

Miyajima is located on the Sanyo coast and is one of Japan's three traditionally designated scenic spots. The island, literally meaning "shrine island", has been sacred for over 1,500 years, which is symbolized by the towering red torii of the Itsukushima Shrine. The island has no maternity wards or cemeteries because no one is allowed to give birth or die on the island. The island is also covered with an untouched forest, as cutting down trees is also forbidden. These forests are home to a multitude of wild bird species as well as tame deer that are allowed to roam freely.Miyajima is also famous for its woodworks both turned and carved. Pick up a shakushi, a wooden rice scoop invented here during the Edo period by a Buddhist priest and adopted all over Japan. The perimeter of the island is only 19mi (30km), making a bicycle the perfect means of transportation.

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