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Japan -> Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji  
Yamanashi Prefecture

Mt. Fuji (or Fuji-san) is one of the world's most beautiful and recognized mountains. The regal mountain watches over Japan from its snow-capped peak at 3,776m (12,388ft) above sea level and has been the inspiration for writers, artists, and poets throughout the country's history. Fuji-san's almost perfectly symmetrical cone is sacred and instilled with a living spirit, which like many natural monuments in Japan was off-limits to women for centuries. Hikes to the top were once pilgrimages and dedicated to Konohanasakuyahime, the patron of Fuji and goddess of the volcano. Now everyone can climb to the top of Mt. Fuji year-round to see the beautiful sunrise. The volcano is dormant now, but erupted in 1707, covering Edo (Tokyo) in ash.

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