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Todaiji Temple    Nara, Nara Prefecture

Todai-ji Temple was completed in 752 under command of Emperor Shomu and is famous for the Daibatsu, the giant bronze Buddha it was built to house. The Daibatsu is the largest bronze statue in the world, as is the wooden hall that was built to protect it. The hall was rebuilt in 1708 after it suffered from fires and natural disasters. The octagonal bronze lantern and the Great South Gate both date back to the 8th century, though. A huge pillar with a hole in its base that sits to the right of the Daibatsu is thought to open the path to enlightenment to those able to crawl through.

Sangatsu-do Hall is Todai-ji's oldest structure, dating back to the 8th century. It contains National Treasure sculptures as well as other artworks. The rectangular building still stands on its original stilts but the treasures were moved to the Nara National Museum in 1963.

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